Friday, June 22, 2012

I got to See Landau the other night!

He was as good as everybody told me he would be. I was not disappointed. He sang mostly Sinatra and had his band set up Sinatra style. All the musicians are West Virgina boys who travel with Landau all over the country now. He has not forgotten from whence he came.

There was a lot of interaction with the audience. He told stories from his childhood and stories about how life has changed since he got famous. I had to smile because his every gesture said, "I am a good ole boy from Logan, WV." You can take the man out of the country but...

He introduced a boy named Elijah Adams. Elijah came out and sang a song with him. Landau said he was his biggest fan and he said that since he had won America's Got Talent it gave him the platform to feature talent from "out of a holler that nobody would see otherwise.".

His wife is his back-up singer and she is a talent unto herself. Even though he sang mostly standards he also sang a couple of hip-hop songs and rock. The standards are his strong point with that deep, smooth Sinatraesque voice. I thought his hip-hop just sounded like Sinatra singing hip-hop.

I enjoyed it immensely. I am still recovering. We had to park over a block away and ya'll know what problems that brings me. I won't go into it. We had a great view from the highest nosebleed seats in the place but Landau even turned up the lights a couple of times and acknowledged us little people too.

I had been talking about going for weeks but I thought it was going to be a free concert on the levy. Eddie called me one evening and told me it was going to be at the Clay Center. I was so disappointed because I knew I couldn't go because it would cost too much. Then he surprised me by asking if I wanted to go. I told him, "of course I do but I can't and you know that."

He said, "I didn't ask if you had any money, I asked if you wanted to go."
So, I reluctantly admitted that I did. He told me to call and get the tickets and he would pay for them. I called and the cheapest tickets were $38 and he thought they were $25. I called him back and told him and told him I understood that was too much to pay. He agreed and said it was too much.

Then I called him back and I told him if he would pay the original $50 I would pay the other $26. He agreed and we got to go. It was great fun!

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