Thursday, April 22, 2010

100 acres

This is a picture of Baby Greyhound (front) and her mother Queenie standing in the 2 acre field that I built for them. You can see the house off in the distance. I was probably happier on my 100 acres than any where I ever lived.

I lost it because of my thieving ex and my mom. I was hiding from my ex husband and my mom came to visit me. She couldn't stand the thought of me living in such a shack (it was deplorable but I had every intention of fixing it up) so she told my exhusbands nephew where I was. He promptly called my ex and he was back in WV before the week was out.

Unfortunately he loved me so much he had to kill me so once again I had to move. (sigh) My mom got her wish and did a very good job of destroying my future with the dogs.

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