Monday, April 19, 2010

I can remember "the gang"

In high school I ran around with a group of 13 girls. We were collectively known as "The Gang". Among ourselves we were the "Slut Club". We were the "Slut Club" because that is the exact opposite of what we actually were. We were the biggest group of bookworm, high achievers to probably grace the halls of Logan High School. None of us ever skipped a day of school and rarely did we get in any kind of trouble. You know, just average kids.

Can I remember their names?

1. Pam - me- greyhound trainer

2. Sami - corporate attorney

3. Suzanne - ballet dancer/massage therapist

4. Bella - nurse

5. Delana - teacher, married her high school sweetheart whom she fell in love with in biology class when he wouldn't stop writing on her arm.

6. Cindy - mother, home schooling her kids, singer, very religious

7. Mary Ruth - I don't know

8. Gina - I don't know

9. Gina - I don't know (yes, there were 2 Gina's)

10. Liz - teacher (she hated me)

11.Kristie - married while still in high school, pregnant, we were all so shocked by this.

We all attended her hastily planned marriage. When it came time to catch the bouquet Sami and I were hiding in the back of the crowd completely horrified that we were being forced to participate in such a barbaric custom. We weren't even paying attention when all of a sudden - FWACK!!! - the bouquet hit Sami solidly in her ample bustline. Then it fell to the floor. Sami and I just looked at each other and then at the bouquet thinking "what are we going to do now?" We decided to present it to Kristie to keep as a memento of her wedding. I guarantee you that Kristie treasured her bouquet much more than Sami would have. She would have thrown it away as soon as she got home.

12. Andy (short for Andrea) - works in hospital

13. Yvea - wannabe actress - last I heard she landed a doctor.

Amazingly enough alot of people form high school still recognize me even though I have gained over 100 pounds. The hair is basically the same - maybe that's it.

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