Thursday, April 22, 2010

Here's what happened the time I drove naked

I was on my beloved 100 acres one day and I decided to go to my car to get my duffle bag. Well I was already naked because I was going to take a shower and it didn't matter because I was in the middle of 100 acres by myself. When I got in my car I decided to move it to a more advantageous spot to leave. I figured why move it later when I can move it now. The easiest way to turn it around was to drive it down the hill and turn around beside the main road. So that is what I did.

Unfortunately for me the car got stuck in the mud. Here I was sitting beside the main road with my car stuck in the mud and I was buck naked. It was 3:00 pm and school buses were going by and all the traffic that goes with them. There were no clothes in the car or blankets or cover of any kind. It was hot that day and I sat there with the heat building up inside of the car because I didn't want to roll down the windows because somebody would see me.

Finally I saw my chance. There was a break in traffic. I threw open the door and started running for the woods. I couldn't run up the road because you could see to the top of the hill from the road. I had to hit the woods. Right when I hit the woods a car rounded the curve. I don't know if it saw me but I do know that running up a mountain in bare feet(and body) is not a fun thing. The ground was full of rocks and briars and all sorts of painful things to hurt my tender skin.

I learned my lesson. I never drove my car naked again!

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