Thursday, April 22, 2010

feed time

This is a picture of my greyhound puppies at feed time. They are probably around 6 months old in this picture.

pictured are me, Levi (brindle in back),pamalama, preety, droid, baby greyhound and three spots. Saddlebags and paro are cut out of the picture.

I wish the cat was in the background. There was a stray cat living in the trailer when we moved in. I made it a home with food outside the fence but that was not good enough. Everytime we we would feed the pups the cat would eat first. All the greyhounds would surround him and when he was finished eating he would slink toward the fence. All of a sudden, with an undetectable signal, he would shoot over the fence with the dogs in hot pursuit. This went on every day and they never did catch him. I give him credit for training my pups to race. They did VERY well.

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