Saturday, May 15, 2010

the goal is NOT to cap the leak...

the goal is to cap the leak and to still extract usable oil.

If they wanted to just cap the leak it could have already been done - which would have averted millions of dollars worth of ecological damage.

Instead they keep trying to figure out ways to still get usable oil - that is why the leak has not been capped.

Who cares if ice crystals formed in the first dome. At least the leak would have been stopped or at the very least lessened.

The BP corporate executives are still only worried about the BP bottom line - screw the rest of the world that is being affected by this ongoing spill.

While I'm at it I would like to point out that EXXON has still not paid for the Valdez oil spill. It has been cheaper to keep the battle in court for all these years than it is to foot the bill for the spill.

In the meantime congress will continue to hold more worthless hearings with no result. A further waste of money. If they are not going to take any action after these hearings then there is no reason to hold them.