Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Top 10 Favorite Blogs (that I wrote)

I will post each one separately. Although not necessarily in order.

1. The Last Time I Was On a Swinging Bridge - about the time my cousins tortured me as I tried to cross a broken down old bridge. It is hilarious (I think)

2. Awful Knawful - about my brother's phenomenal prowess on a bicycle when we were kids

3. Lisa is Dead - about the murder of my sister in law by my brother - a warning to women everywhere about being a battered wife.

4. The Day My Dad Died - what went wrong when my dad died at the nursing home - it's informative

5. Christmas 1970 - a very special Christmas when I had my doubts about Santa Claus

6. My $100,000 Video That Wasn't - about the time I went parasailing for my birthday

7. The Worst Dogfight I Ever Broke Up - the title says it all

8. Alligator Attack - the time an alligator attacked my truck

9. Kim Hunt's Favorite Story - about the time I got caught driving naked (hilarious)

10. The World's Biggest Snowball - how we kids came together to build the world's biggest snowball

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