Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Truck is Fixed! My Truck is Fixed!

This is a monumental load off my mind. At first the mechanic told me it was the alternator and it would cost almost $400.00. This was terrible but doable. I talked to my landlord and he said I could wait until next month to pay my rent. That money plus my whole next paycheck and a small loan from Eddie was going to get me my truck. What a relief. I was going to be broke for a few months but at least I would have my truck.

It took one walk to the bustop for me to learn that my entire life is dependent on that truck. I have always known it in theory. It was a whole another ballgame to prove that without that truck I would be dead. Things were looking pretty bleak for me.

Then they called back and told me it was just the battery afterall. It was only going to cost me $131.00. I was thrilled. I will be able to pay part of my rent this month and I won't have any problem playing catch up next month because I just won't make my truck payment. It is paid ahead a month. That was my way of putting money in the bank.

I can't have money in the bank because I have very poor impulse control now. I didn't used to be this way, I think it is lack of oxygen that causes it. So instead of trying to save money (which never happens - if I have it I spend it) I just take any little extra I have and make a bigger car payment. This worked out fine except it was going to take a month for me to get to the money because I had just made a payment the day before.

Anyway I have my truck. I can work again. I had to call in sick the other night because I can't schlep my O2 to the bustop and I don't make enough to pay a cab to take me to and from work. My boss was not pleased but she also knew the situation was unavoidable.

sorry for the boring blog. But I'm happy.

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