Friday, May 7, 2010

If you wish it, it will come

Of course I only wish for weird stuff but it has worked once again. I am babysitting 2 parakeets. I was kind of wishing for some birds but I know they are a lot of work. This way I will get it out of my system. I'll probably be sick of them in a week when the owner comes back.

Right now I am enjoying their incessant whistling and chirping and fluttering around the cage. Fatty Catty is reliving her mighty hunter days. It is quite amusing to watch her stalk across the floor to the cages knowing full well that there is absolutely no way on earth she can possibly harm little Billy and Whitey. Eddie is preaching at me because I already don't feel good and I took the birds in. I had to tell him to stop or he could leave until they are gone because I just want to enjoy them. He just shook his head but he knows I need an animal fix every now and then.

Today he is cooking out some ribs. He is a barbeque conisseur. I have had his ribs before and they are delectable. All of y'all should be real jealous right now. I am off to make some mashed potatoes (his request) with gravy and half runners and deviled eggs (a surprise for him). I also made a lovely fruit salad and we will watch movies for the rest of the evening.

Enjoy the Sunshine. I know I am (from inside anyway)

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