Saturday, May 8, 2010

My truck is a glorified wheelchair

I remembered I have free towing through my insurance today. I had it towed to a shop I use and can trust. Since I didn't pay my rent I will use my rent money to fix it if it is something inexpensive (everybody seems to think it is my alternator).

I will have to pay a late fee for my rent and play catch up but it will be worth it if that is all that is wrong. If it is something more I will cross that bridge when I come to it.

I got lucky today. I walked a couple of blocks to the bus stop to go check on my truck. My friend, Maggie came by. She picked me up. We were having a citywide yardsale and while she did her yardsalin', I stayed in the car and watched her baby. Not my forte but at least I had a ride. I almost had a panic attack when the kid woke up but she didn't yell too much. She was mostly confused by my presence more than anything. I kind of enjoyed the silly music Maggie had playing for her too.

Then Maggie took me to my truck. While I waited on the tow truck she went to see her parents. Then she came back and took me to the store and home. I have enough groceries that I won't need to leave the house for a week or so.

Thank you to Maggie for her help.

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