Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Thank God for Country Boys

Sunday I went to dollar tree. Apparently I accidentally turned my car lights on before I went in. Unfortunately my battery went dead. It was the heat of the day and the way I was parked nobody could get to the front of my car except for the one beside of me and who knows where they were enjoying their day. (it was a mall)

I waited around for about 20 minutes hoping the people would come back to their car and if they did hoping they would give me a jump. It has been years since I was in this kind of prediciament but I know from experience that city people are not likely to give you a jump if you need one. They usually mutter something about messing their cars up and go on their merry way. I knew I needed a country boy to help me out.

The good thing about country boys is they can't resist a broken down vehicle and the chance to fix it. If it turns out your car needs more than a jump they will stay right there until they get it running. I finally spied a man I thought would help me. I asked for help and he said he would be glad to but my cables wouldn't reach his truck.

Then I hit him up for the BIG FAVOR. "If you just give my truck a little push we can back it up to where you can get to it to jump it."

"Sure," he told me,"we can do that."

He got right out of his truck and pushed me back about 20 feet and I got my jump and I gave him a big thank you and he went on his merry way. In the old days I would have pushed my truck myself but I can't do it anymore because of my heart. Unfortunately I was in the heat too long (and tired and stressed to boot). I guess this was enough to mess my heart up again. I have been in bed for two days,unable to get off my oxygen and I'm having a hard time even walking across the room.

I seem to be a little stronger today but I know I have to take it easy. Even easier than usual that is.


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