Sunday, August 8, 2010

Family Reunion

Yesterday I went to the Brennan/Farley family reunion. The strange part about the Farley part is that I am related to the Farley's (mom's side of the family) but it is a different line of Farley's than what were at the reunion. I have lot's of Farley family memoribilia posted further back in the blog.

It was fun. Before I left a friend told me that he loved family reunions. "Everybody lies a little, eats a little and laughs a little," he said. I told him, "that sounds like our family except nobody does anything just a little...we do everything a lot." It is a close contest whether we eat or lie the most though.

I talked to cousins I hadn't seen in years. Most of whom I didn't recognize. I am happy to say my cousin, Sheila, who is fighting breast cancer seems to have past through the worst of it. She is recuperating from what is hopefully her final surgery.

I ate a bunch of stuff that I'm not supposed to have and enjoyed every morsel of it. I was ready to go after a couple of hours but I stuck it out until around nine. I took a couple of plates home and shared one with a friend who told me she was out of food and money until Wednesday. I will call my uncle today and probably go back and get the leftovers and distribute them throughout the building. I guarantee you there will be enough to feed a small army.

It was a great day. Thanks to Aunt Patty and Uncle Gurl for the trememdous shindig.

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