Saturday, August 14, 2010

Oh the Inhumanity of it all...

I am speaking about glue traps for mice. I think I am the only person in the world that cares that the poor mouse is stuck to the glue ALIVE. Stuck in that muck, unable to move for as long as it takes to die - which can take days by the way.

Unfortunately I tried to save a mouse from a glue trap once. This inadvertently caused on the of the most gruesome deaths in mouse history. I am haunted to this day by what ended in the murder of that poor little mouse.

I was working in a kennel with a mouse problem. (I have no problem with traditional traps by the way - they result in a quick death) My boss bought glue traps to catch the mice. He would take the traps with the mouse stuck to them and toss them in the dumpster - yes the little fellers were still alive and IMMOBILE.

SO I STARTED POURING VEGETABLE OIL ON THE TRAPS SO THEY WOULDN'T WORK . When my boss discovered this he thought it was hilarious, but he also warned me to never do it again or he would fire my ass!

One day I was alone in the kennel and I discovered a poor, little mouse stuck in a glue trap. I decided to try to free it. I took a little vegetable oil and I poured it around the mouse but it was embedded in the glue and this did not work. So I took a little stick and decided I would slowly wedge it under the mouse and free it. I put the stick under it's tiny little leg and SNAP!!!! I promplty broke it's leg in 2 pieces.

Now it was really suffering. It was splayed in the glue unable to move and I had just broken it's foreleg. The only thing I could do was to put it out of it's misery. I looked around and I couldn't see any way to kill it quickly. There was only one thing to do. I pushed it's little face into the glue and smothered it. It took a good minute for it to die.

What a horrible way to go.