Saturday, August 14, 2010

I Qualified to be on "Millionaire" 7 Times

In my better days I qualified to be on "millionaire" 7 times! (this was when Regis was doing it and you had to call in and answer questions to qualify to get on) I was super charged up the first couple of times that I qualified thinking that I would get the call back, but I never did.

It turns out that in the old days, they would qualify 40 people per day. Out of that 40 they would hold a random drawing to get the 10 for the show. I guess I never made it through the random drawing. Such is my luck!

When I first started to call in I would use my friend's names and SS numbers to practice. The first time I qualified, I qualified an 83 year old man with alzeimers. I hung up in a panic, because I could just see them schlepping poor, old, Wimpy out on the stage to answer those questions.

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