Sunday, August 8, 2010


My ex used to get pulled over all the time for no reason. I used to think he was lying to me about it but I was with him a couple of times when he was pulled over. Strangely enough this stopped when he shaved his head. (he was going bald anyway and I talked him into shaving his head because I thought it would look better - IT DID!)

One time we were going up the entrance ramp to the freeway. A policeman was coming off the exit ramp in the opposite direction. Bobby looked at me and said, "he is going to pull me over." I said, "I said, "You're nuts! Why would he do that? Besides do you know what he would have to go through to turn around to pull you over?" (It was a very congested intersection)

About that time a siren went off behind us. We hadn't even made it up the ramp on to the interstate! The policeman came up and asked us for the "essentials". I handed him the registration to the tag (it was a dealer tag). He looked at it and then he said, "You are supposed to have a tag on the front and back of the car." Well that wasn't true with dealer tags and he knew it. Then Bobby told him that it was not necessary for dealer tags - just regular tags. (He was respectful the whole time - as a person should always do with policemen)

After going back and forth about it, the policeman decided we were indeed right and then he said, "Well it is illegal to drive a car under a dealer tag if it doesn't belong to a carlot."

I assured him that the car did belong to the carlot and he said he needed further proof. I asked him if the title would do. He said, "And what would YOU be doing with the title?"

"Well sir," I replied, "I am the title clerk and I just happened to do this title today."

He said,"Let me see!"

I handed him the title and he JERKED it out of my hands ripping it in half in the process. He checked the document and walked away because he saw we were telling the truth. THERE WAS ABSOLUTELY NO REASON FOR HIM TO HAVE STOPPED US TO BEGIN WITH. I learned that day that Bobby had been telling me the truth about being stopped.

It wasn't the last time he was pulled over for no reason. At least he never got any tickets for these stops. It was just an inconvenience.

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