Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Boogie Board

In our many trips to Summersville I only tried to ski once. I failed miserably.
Another time my dad had got his hands on a boogie board. A boogie board is like a half surf board. He was pulling me along and I don't know what happened but the boogie board went underwater. It didn't go just a little bit under, it kept going deeper and deeper. I kept going under until I realized if I didn't let go I was going to be pulled under to the full extent of the rope that was pulling the boogie board. I don't know how long the rope was but I would say it was at least 100 feet. All I know is I was looking at the surface of the water from way down underneath the lake and the bottom of the boat.
I bolted to the surface in a panic. I never used the boogie board again.

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