Thursday, September 23, 2010

fatty catty LOVES to be vacuumed

I was vacuuming the house the other day. I wanted to do fatty catty's chair but she wouldn't get up. I got tired of waiting and begging her to no avail (she is arthritic and I don't ever move her) so I started to run the vacuum cleaner around her thinking she would get irritated and get out of my way.

Boy was I wrong.

She loved it. She started to hug it and pet it and roll all over it. Finally instead of trying not to touch her I started to vacuum her all over with the hose attachment. She was a happy camper. Someone had loaned me the vacuum cleaner. I am now going to buy one for Christmas with my Christmas bonus. It will save me much money and time and effort in the battle to clean up cat hair.

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