Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Camping in Summersville

Those weekends camping trips were great. Occasionally My mom and us kids would get to go up for a week or 10 days while my dad would go back home to work. It was great. We would have wienie roasts and toasts marshmallows. We would swim and ride our bikes to our hearts content. Daddy made sure we had bamboo fishing poles and we were allowed to go fishing anytime we wanted. We were free to roam the whole campground as we wished and we spent may hours gathering firewood for our evening fire. The only thing my parents were strict about was that we had to wear those horrible orange life vests when we went swimming which actually pretty lenient when you consider the fact that my mom couldn't swim.

One time we went to Summersville in the fall after they had drained the lake. I saw why we had to wear those lifevests. That lake was hundreds of feet deep. I'll never forget standing at that boat dock and looking deep into the valley at what was basically a puddle of water at the foot of the mountain. It is an amazing sight! I can remember swimming in the middle of the lake one day. I had a scuba mask with me. I had a major panic attack when I looked into the deep, blue depths of the lake. It was truely a bottomless pit. I imagine it is the same feeling of panic that astronauts get when they look into the infinite reaches of space. I have NEVER wanted to scuba dive since!

One time we got caught in a hail storm. I can remember the hail pelting our bodies as we raced for the nearest shelter on our bikes. We loved to play in the rain but we had no idea how much pain those sharp, little, ice pellets would inflict on our bodies before we could get out of the storm.

In the beginning we would camped in a tent with air mattresses and sleeping bags. Those gawd awful air mattresses never held the air all night and we would wake up just as sore and unable to move as any old person ever was. But it was worth it. It was great fun.

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