Thursday, September 23, 2010

petty warfare at lee terrace

I usually stay out of these things but 3 factors led to my participation in the petty drama that is always happening around here.

1. muscle relaxers: if I hadn't been taking them I would have never spoken to Patsy (known troublemaker) in the first place.

2. Patsy was deliberately abusive to my mommy squirrel for no reason (which I kept my mouth shut about that because I was in too much pain to play champion for tiny animals yesterday)

3. Don't ever pick on an 88 year old lady in front of me - EVER - that put me over the edge.

Here's the story:

I was feeding my squirrels. Patsy came by on her walker and decided to talk to me. A walker she does not need for any reason but to milk the system. I was polite even though I try to avoid her 98% of the time. Then Lillian (88 year old woman) comes over. Patsy and Lillian are at war because Lillian loaned her $20 and Patsy never paid her back. This is, however, not my concern and I just hoped for peace when Lillian sat down. (Lillian and I are friends)

Everything was fine. They were ignoring each other and there was peace in the valley of the squirrels. Then Patsy started stomping her feet and yelling at my mommy squirrel . I kept my mouth shut. After a few times of her running my squirrel off, Lillian said something to Patsy about it. I didn't hear what she said though.

Patsy lit into Lillian with a viciousness and venom that made me mad but I still kept my mouth shut. She proceeded to cuss and threaten to kick Lillian's ass. Once the threats started I looked at Patsy and said, "It takes a might big woman to threaten a 88 year old lady." Patsy ignored me.

Patsy keeps cussing and threatening Lillian. Once again I say, "it takes a mighty big woman to threaten an 88 year old." Patsy starts to yell at me and tell me I don't know what Lillian has said about her and to keep out of it. The whole time this is going on Lillian is not saying a word. I really think she was having a senior moment but I am not sure about that. Lillian does have alzhiemers and I try to look out for her as best I can as do many people in the building.

Then Patsy and I start to argue. Exchanging the usual "bitch" and "whore" epitaphs that woman generally fling at each other in an arguement. While Patsy was in a complete rage, I was laughing at her and thoroughly enjoying the sucker that she had given me earlier. Then Patsy said something about reputations.

I told her that people knew her reputation and people knew Lillian's. Patsy replied, "I have no reputation."

I said, "yes, you do. You are known for taking anything from anybody you can get it from." There are many stories (I have a few personally as well) of Patsy taking advantage of people in the building. I guess the truth hurts because she went ballistic on me. Screaming and yelling and walking off and coming back. In the meantime once she walked off Lillian and I were just sitting and enjoying the squirrels without another mention of Patsy.

Then out of the blue Lillian looks and me and says, "That woman thinks she's tough. She thinks because she is big and fat that people are scared of her. She doesn't know it but I know karate."

I lost it. I started to cackle uproariously with laughter. The picture of little, old, kung fu Lillian doing battle with Patsy was too much for me to bear.

I am still laughing this morning.

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