Monday, October 4, 2010

My "Ellie Mae Clampett Biscuits"

When I was first married I decided to make homemade biscuits. We had a wonderful dinner and enjoyed my biscuits with the meal. About an hour later I went back to the table. I thought I would enjoy one of my homemade biscuits with a little jelly and butter for a snack.

I went to open the biscuit to slather on the jelly and it was hard as a brick. My delicious biscuits had turned into hockey pucks in the hour or so since dinner. I was truely distressed since the only time I had ever heard of this happening in my life was on the Beverly Hillbillies when they made fun of Ellie Mae's biscuits.

I threw them outside for the birds to eat. Not even the birds would eat my biscuits. For all I know one of them broke a beak on one and told the rest of the birds to "stay away from those biscuits". They sat in the yard until it rained and then I had to go pick up little blobs of glue out of the grass.

I have never tried to make biscuits again in my life.

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