Sunday, October 3, 2010

If you have ever been electrocuted...

...then you know it's true, you really can't let go of whatever you're holding.

I was working in a kennel and something was wrong with the hotplate that we used to cook rice. I was getting shocked everyday when I plugged it in so I was trying different things so I wouldn't get shocked. One day I did the absolute WRONG thing!

I set the pot on the hotplate. THEN I plugged it in. I took a metal feed pan and filled it with water and started to pour it in the pot.The whole time the water was pouring from the panI was vibrating from the electric shockthat I was getting. I was absolutely glued to that pan like I was having a seizure or something.Just standing there VIBRATING! My teeth were grinding my body was shaking my eyes rolled back into my head I tried to throw the feedpan down but I couldn't let go! The whole thing lasted more than a few seconds(as long as it took the water to empty from the feed pan)I am glad that I did not diebut the whole experience sure was the longest seconds of my life!

It's funny now - but I guarantee you I will never repeat it!

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