Sunday, October 3, 2010

only "I" could burn down a water bed

One time I decided to move my waterbed. I drained it and I ran out of time to finish the job so I left for work. I did not turn off the heater. I did not take out the mattress. I guess you can see where this is heading?

A few hours later just as Bobby was leaving to go hunting, he smelled something burning. As he walked around trying to figure out what it was he walked past the bedroom. Just as he was walking by the mattress burst into flames in front of his eyes. He hurriedly scooped up the mattress and threw it outside but the boards of the bed had also caught fire! In a complete panic he ripped the boards from the bed and threw them outside as well.

At least disaster was averted!

I came home to find my waterbed in a heap in the front yard.

Lesson learned.

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