Saturday, November 27, 2010

Crip the Elf Toymaker

Crip is gone. Crip is an elf. I named him Crip after I bought him 19 years ago. Just a couple of years after I bought him, he developed a tic which caused him to slowly walk across the floor to the length of his electrical cord. With every swing of his hammer he jolted a little further. Everyday I would have to place him back in the display and I watch him slowly creep across the floor.

I have all kinds of animated Christmas Decorations. I have Santa Claus coming out of a chimney because a couple of years ago he got diesel exhaust stains on his beard and costume. Now I make him come out of a chimney and he looks perfect.

I have Mrs. Claus and other elves and reindeer and even a stable for the reindeer. I can sit and look at my Christmas display for hours and do so often.When people come over and see them you can tell by the expression on their faces they are mesmerized.

Anyway, one day a couple of years ago I looked over and Crip was stuck. So I went over and unplugged him and moved him to the center of my Christmas display. I assured him that he would always have a special place in my decorations. I had been expecting him to break for about 10 years and it finally happened.

I will plug him in Christmas morning again and see what happens. You never know when there might be a Christmas miracle.

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