Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Ugly Angel

A few years ago I was shopping at a store called Hill's. I was in the clothing section and I picked up a Christmas Ornament that someone had lain down. It was absolutely the ugliest angel that I had ever seen. I thought "My God, Who would even make such an ugly ornament," and I laid it back down. A few weeks later I was in the Christmas aisle and once again I saw this ugly ornament in a department she wasn't supposed to be in.


I went back a few times checking out the new decorations as they came in. Each time I would see this ugly angel in a different place. Finally I said to myself, "It must be meant for me to buy this angel, if it is here when Christmas goes to 90% off, I'll buy it." I waited until January and I went back into Hill's with one intention - to buy the ugly angel. I went to the markdown table and went through everything and the ugly angel was not there. I walked through the whole empty Christmas department looking for the angel and she was not to be found. I finally decided that as hard as it was to believe , someone had actually bought that ugly angel!


With my very last step as I was leaving the Christmas department, I kicked something and it went flying across the floor. It was the Ugly Angel! It was like she was saying, "Please don't leave me!" I was actually very happy that I had found her and I bought her for 10 cents. I have all kinds of really neat Christmas decorations and I have been looking for years for a beautiful Christmas Angel but I have never found one that I wanted as much as that ugly angel. Every year she has a place of honor in my Christmas decorations and everyone that has ever seen her can't believe how incredibly ugly she is. She makes people smile and that is all that matters

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