Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Is this overkill?

Last night I had a young man come in to buy beer. I carded him. He was over 21 but he still had not changed his ID.

According to the law I cannot sell him the beer because he still has a red ID even though his birthday is plainly marked on his license and it is legal for him to use to drive or for anything else. If I would have sold him the beer and it had been a sting then I would have been fined $500 and fired and possibly the store would be fined as well.

I think this is overkill.

Now if I would call the police (and I have) and tell them I have a minor in the store with a fake ID, do you think they would respond? The answer is NO! I feel this is because they really don't care about underage drinking, all they want to do is collect fines from clerks who don't make enough money to pay them.

If they were truely serious about stopping underage drinking and driving while drunk they would sell the beer at the police station!

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