Sunday, January 16, 2011

fishing tip I learned from an old fisherman

Once I was staying at the beach in Melbourne, Florida. Bobby and I decided to go fishing from the beach. We met an old fisherman one morning. He told us that he had been fishing for years and the best place to throw out your line is exactly where the waves break.

You know the spot. The place where the waves break that is the most fun to swim in! He said he had even seen sharks and whales there. So we tested his theory. We spent a solid week throwing our line into the ocean where the waves break. We also spent that week eating more fish than you could ever imagine. We had fish for breakfast, fish for lunch and fish for dinner. We gave fish away to other people in the motel.

I had more fun fishing that week than I ever had in my life.

While I'm thinking about it, that also happened to be during the season when the sea turtles were coming ashore to lay their eggs. It was great fun to go out at night and watch them. (yes, I was careful not to disturb them) I tried to film them but my video camera was not able to film them in the dark - even though there was a full moon.

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