Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Pyhrric Victory

We used to love to walk the railroad tracks when we went to visit my Great Grandma Brennan. It took great skill to walk the tracks like a balance beam for the quarter mile stretch that we were allowed to play on in front of her house.

I also developed the ability to dodge and elude whomever was "it" when we played chase but we weren't allowed to leave the confines of the tracks to get away. This skill helped me greatly when I would get caught in "rundowns" while playing softball in the local Miss Softball America League. I NEVER did get "out" and I loved to tease the opposing players and infuriate them when they couldn't tag me out!

What wasn't fun though was the time we played chicken. We played chicken by seeing who could stand the longest time barefooted on the tracks that had been baking for hours in the hot afternoon sun. I WON. I also had long blisters along the whole length of both of my feet in the shape of the railroad tracks. They took weeks to heal.

I may have won but it was no victory!

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