Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Bank Gets Evil When It's Time For That Final Payment!

I called today to get the payoff on my little, red ranger. The man was very nice and told me it was $125.00 (approx). I told him I would be sending the final payment on the 3rd of next month like I always do.

He told me that I needed to call the collections department if I waited until the third. The problem is that my payment is actually due on the 30th. but I have always made it on the 3rd. which is well within the 10 day grace period. Apparently that is not allowed when it is the final payment.

If I don't pay it by the 30th. there will be all kinds of additional fees tacked on to my final payment. It will take every penny I have but I will make it and then the truck is mine.

I sure am glad that I called them. They were supposed to send me a final notice and they haven't. They were probably trying to catch me up in all those fees.

Eddie offered to loan me the money to make the payment but I hate to pay people back. I think I can make it on my own.

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