Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Oh those were the best peppers and the best of times!

These peppers taste just like some peppers that Bobby's mom used to can years ago. I have been looking for peppers that taste like those wonderful peppers for 20 years. I have found them.

When we were first married Bobby and I practically lived at the park. If we weren't working you could find us there every day, rain or shine and sometimes a little snow, cooking out on the grill and having a good time with or without friends.

Bobby's mom canned these delicious hotpeppers that we used to love to put on our hamburgers or grilled chicken sandwiches. I tried to put them in a few recipes but I was just learning to cook on my own back them. I remember I put a tablespoon in some spaghetti sauce one time. It made my sauce so hot I had to double the recipe and the sauce was still almost too hot to eat.

She stopped canning the peppers when Bobby's dad died. She gave me the recipe but I never learned to can and I have long since lost it. Now I have found these peppers and I am in love with them again. They make me want to go out to the park and have a big cookout and hit the trails all over again.

I still miss those good times but I don't have to miss the peppers anymore.

You can get them at this website if you want to try them. www.stellofoods.com/shop/item.aspx?itemid=34

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