Friday, March 11, 2011

I was a thumb-suckin', sleep walkin', bookworm, pimple faced, fat, hairy legged kind of kid that was smart with beautiful hair...


1. I sucked my thumb until I started headstart. I remember being furious when people would walk by and jerk my thumb out of my mouth. It made it that much more determined to suck it. My mom asked me one day when I was going to quit sucking my thumb and I told her when I started school - and I did, although I did suck it in my sleep for years after that.

2. I had nightmares almost every night. My poor mom spent many hours talking me through nightmares. One time I ran past my mom and dad right out the front door. My dad caught me before I got to the road.

3. I read a book a day all through school. When I was little I had my own rocking chair and a magazine rack full of book that my mom let me pick out at the store.

4. When I was really young I was too skinny. For some reason I got tired of weighing 63 lbs. when I was in the 4th. grade and started to eat more so I would gain weight. I've been eating ever since!

5. I started to get acne in the 6th. grade. Nothing I did would make it go away and I tried everything. It went away when I turned 19 and I finally decided I couldn't do anything about it - probably a combination of hormones changing and not worrying about it did the trick.

6. "Your a fat, hairy legs girl". That is what my brother used to call me. It was because of him I started to shave my legs when I was in the 8th. grade.

7. I was smart. Everybody said so.

8. I had pretty hair. People would always say, "you would be so pretty if...," and then they would add but you have pretty hair. I was always jealous of my Cousin Jane and my Aunt Robin. They were the kind of girls that boys would flock around wherever they went and they didn't have to do anything to get the attention either.

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