Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Easy as A,B,C (stolen from Verbal...)

A: Age - 48

B: Bed size - recliner

C: Chinese food dish - chicken lo mein

D: Dentist name - Dr. Beaver

E: Early bird or night owl - I'm so much of a night owl, I know who else in the building is one and who just likes to say they are one (most people who say they are)

F: Favorite color - pink

G: Gold or silver - Gold

H: Height - 5' and 5.5"

I: Ink - afraid of needles

J: Jellybean - skittles

K: Kitchen meal or restaurant - kitchen meal (they both have their good points)

L: Living arrangements - gov't hirise (surprised by how much I like it here)

M: Month of birth - July

N: Nicknames - damnpamn, pammie, pamalama, pambelina, pamala peehole, anything that rhymes with Pam

O: On time or late - evening

P: Pet peeve - people who put the pen back when it runs out of ink instead of throwing it away, people who let the adding machine tape wind back into the machine.

Q: Quote from a movie - "lips and asshole, that's what hotdogs are made of, puckered at both ends" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

R: Right or left-handed - Right

S: Siblings - ONE EACH

T: Time you wake up - 1 am, 3 am, 10 am, 2 pm

U: Urgent thing on your to-do list: dishes (always)

V: Vegetable you dislike: onion

W: Wishing for - to win the lottery

X: X-rays you've had - heart, head, ankles (more times than I can count)

Y: Yummy food you make - Mexican Chicken, Beef Stroganoff, Spaghetti

Z: Zoo favorite - any baby

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