Thursday, March 24, 2011

I was caught in a hail storm yesterday

It started to rain and I made my way to the gazebo. I thought it would be a nice afternoon to sit and enjoy the rain a little. I made it just in time. As soon as I stepped into the shelter all hell broke loose!

At first the hail was pea sized. Then it was dime sized and it grew to nickel sized. The ground was snow white and so were the sidewalks. The rain was blowing so hard that I couldn't find a dry spot in the gazebo. It's direction kept changing as well. I kept moving to the far side of the gazebo according to the wind so I wouldn't be pelted by those viscious little balls of ice.

I got caught in a hail storm once when I was a kid. We were on our bikes at Summersville Lake. We peddaled as hard as we could to get to a shelter but we weren't quite fast enough. The hail felt like pins hitting us all over our bodies. I knew I never wanted to get caught in a hail storm in my life again, they hurt so much!

Anyway, I was safe yesterday, but I watched as several kids ran from the playground to shelter. It made me remember that long ago time time and I truely felt sorry for them.

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