Saturday, March 26, 2011

TV Shows in my Furthest Memories

I can remember them making these announcements before television shows - "and now in living color".

I remember the tv going off every night at 12:30 or 1 with the National Anthem playing and seeing nothing but snow until a test pattern started early the next morning before the Today Show came on. There was no local morning news back then.

I remember my mom watching "The Secret Storm" and "The Edge of Night" every afternoon and the waves crashing on the beach when one of them started.

I used to sneak and sit behind her recliner and watch "Dark Shadows". I wasn't allowed to watch it because I had nightmares. I quit watching one day when someone was calling the name, Angilique, over and over and drew her to a cliff and a very scary dead woman was standing there.

My mom loved the "Tom Jones Show"!

Every Sunday we would watch "Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom" while Marlin Perkins would sit there and tell us what dangerous deed Jack Hannah was going to do. Then "The Wonderful World of Disney" would come on.

"Gun Smoke" was every Monday night.

I can remember "Laugh in". Lilly Tomblin as the operator and the little girl in the giant rocker. "Sock it to Me" was the hilarious catch phrase. I loved the little man on the tricycle (I can't remember his name) and Ruth Buzzy's little old lady character.

I was in love with Bobby Sherman from "7 Brides for 7 Brothers" and I wanted to be Candy.

Saturday morning cartoons were the bomb and so was Mr. Cartoon. Mr. Cartoon was a local cartoon show that was on every afternoon at 4 o'clock after school. He was always telling us to say, "please, thank you and your welcome."

My friend, Sherri, and I would play along the fence between our houses. Our heroes were Monelito (High Chaparrel) and Danny (Thomas). They would come save us in our adventures.

I remember "Branded" and "Wagon Train".

"Carol Burnett" out lasted all the variety shows. I remember watching them but I don't remember who the stars were in particular. I know they were people like Dean Martin and Sammy Davis and Phyllis Diller...

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