Friday, August 26, 2011

Customers are Germ Factories!

1. How many of you take your money out of your wallet and THEN lick your finger and count it? Then you hand your spit covered money to me to put in my drawer and while I use hand sanitizer all day long I do not disinfect those bills that you have just polluted. And we all know there are worse things than spit on them.

2. Never buy Carmex in one of those little tubs by the register. They are not safety sealed and I watch people all day long, pick up a tub and open it and put it to their nose and sniff it! Then you come behind them and put it on your lips.

3. All that candy by the register is covered with sneeze germs and little kids slobbery hands.

4. I actually had a woman put a kid with a pissy bottom on the counter the other day. I closed my register to disinfect it but I guarantee you that other cashiers are not so concientious.

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