Monday, August 22, 2011

Super Pam Strikes Again!

As some of you know I am a one woman Superhero. I dare to step in where others fear to tread in my battles to save the underdog or some such silly cause as I deem worthy. I nearly got myself killed yesterday when I stepped into the heat of battle but I probably saved a young girls life.

I had just spent all of my energy taking out the trash and staggering to a picnic table to rest when the kids in the parking lot of the school next door started to argue. At first I ignored the hullaballoo thinking it was the usual playground fare. Then one of my neighbors joined me and pointed out the rhetoric was getting more heated than usual and she delightedly settled in to watch.

I looked over and I was shocked to see two teenage girls (one holding a toddler) not only arguing but the blonde girl was actually pushing the black girl (who was holding the baby). They were surrounded by the usual schoolyard crowd of screaming kids and I started to hope that the black girl would at least hand the baby off to someone else since the blonde girl obviouly had no respect for the fact that she was holding another human being.

At the same time this was going on, my neighbor was cackling with delight. I was quite shocked by her behavior since she is probably the most amiable person in the building. Since she didn't seem to think someone should intervene I sat back and prayed for the best because I was still too tired to go anywhere else and I had forgotten my cell phone on the charger in my apartment.

Then I looked over to see this gargantuan boy who was at least 250 pounds and over 6 foot tall start to argue with the black girl. She had at least handed off the baby to someone else and the blonde girl was off to the side. All of a sudden he ripped off his backpack and picked the black girl up over his head and bodyslammed her on the pavement and then dropped down on her in a classic pro wrestler move! This kid was so big that he is the kind of guy that football coaches salivate over and he should never be allowed to perform that kind of move on a full grown man - much less a teenage girl. Then he got up and it was obvious that he was going to continue his attack as all the other screaming kids cheered him on.

I jumped up yelling for him to stop but no one could hear me. My stupid neighbor ran across the parking lot to basically revel in the melee and do nothing to help. I had no choice but to get up and walk over to the fence that separated us and yell again, "I have called the police! They are on their way! "

This got their attention. I looked the big, ole boy right in the eye and told him if he was still here when the police got here that I would be testifying against him. Then I almost went into one of my cussing tirades when I saw the murder in his eye had been redirected toward me! He actually took about 4 steps toward me when I righteously turned heel and stomped back to the picnic table. I made it look as if I were thoroughly disgusted with him but in truth my heart was on overload and I was having trouble breathing and I didn't want him to see my weakness because intimidation was the key to my success in stopping the fight.

They disbanded. I sat there resting and trying to breathe. My stupid neighbor went inside and I am quite sure she never called the police as I asked her to because she didn't want to get involved.

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