Saturday, August 13, 2011

I Have THE Knack

I have written before about how I have a knack for reuniting lost animals and their owners. Well, I've done it again.

I went out at 7:30 this morning to put my netflix movie in the mailbox. Just around the corner were 2 lab puppies playing in the street. They were about 8 weeks old and having a blast. They were obviously well cared for and it was just as obvious that their owner was not aware of the high old time they were having in the middle of the street.

I watched them run into a yard and I started to leave them but I have never seen any animals at this house so I just couldn't go on with a clear conscience. I got out of my truck and sat on the blocks at the end of the yard and the pups bounded up to me and wanted a few seconds of petting before they continued with their play.

I knocked on the door of the house where I was at but their was no answer - too early I figured. So I picked up the pups and put them in the back of my truck. I posted a sign on the telephone pole across the street and took the pups home with me. I asked one of the residents who hangs out in front of the building to keep an eye out for someone looking for pups.

I took them home and blocked them in the kitchen and I called Eddie. Eddie takes a walk every morning. He came up and saw my adorable puppies and I asked him to modify his walk to the block where I found the pups. I knew someone would be looking for them very soon.

Eddie returned in about 10 minutes. He had the owner of the pups. The man thanked me profusely. He said he had already been around the block 4 times looking for them.

He did not live in the house where I thought the pups might live.

It was 8:15. They were back home within 45 minutes of me finding them. The key to returning lost animals is speed. The longer it takes to get them home the more likely it is that they won't make it.

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