Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My $100,000 Video

On my 32nd. birthday my husband gave me a parasailing trip in Jupiter Beach, Florida. It was a memorable day and here is why. First we went out on the boat but there was no wind, so we took a quick dip in the ocean. The water was beautiful and clear and about 20 feet deep and I was proud of myself for jumping in because it was something that I was always too afraid to do before. We swam around a little until the breeze kicked in and then got back in the boat.

Now this is all on video from here on, but it is not too much fun to watch because Bobby was trying to film me from the boat while it was bobbing on the water. You really can't see anything other than me on camera for a second here and there before his hand is jerked away by the action of the waves. If I would have had the camera though it would have been a $100,000 video because what I saw scared me to death and the people on the boat had no idea what was going on!

The boat took off and I flew upwards harnassed to the parachute. I went up several hundred feet (I think so anyway). I cruised at that height for several minutes. It was so high that it was completely silent and peaceful and the view was astounding. Before I took off they asked me how deep I wanted to be dipped into the water. I told them to dip me to my knees. I thought it would be a hoot to be flying along behind the boat trolling the water with my feet.

Anyway when they started to take me down for my big dip, I looked down to see that they were setting me down directly on top of the biggest fish that I have ever seen! It was shaped like a shark (and not a small one either) but of course I don't have the knowledge to confirm this. It was definitely big and I was going to land right smack dab on top of it! I started to kick and scream and the guys on the boat ignored me. Then I started trying to shake the support ropes and kicking and screaming even more and they just laughed at me! I was pointing straight down at the fish too but that wasn't helping either. Finally I started to make a cutoff motion across my neck and they got the message. They pulled me up. I was so relieved that I almost cried.

They took me about 100 yards and this time they lowered me into the water to my knees. I was positive that the giant fish was going to come after me and chew my legs off. I was being trolled perfectly like the worlds biggest piece of bait on a hook! They probably dragged me 100 yards or so in the water and then they pulled me up.

I went up high again and I kept pointing at the fish, but they never seemed to get the message. When they finally reeled me in I was telling them about that fish way before my feet hit the boat and of course they were all greatly amused by my story. They told me everybody kicks and screams when they go down for the dip so they really didn't think anything about it. If I would have had that video camera then I would have had proof of the greatest fish story ever!

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