Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Second Time I Ever Drove...

... my mom took me up Chauncy Hollow to practice. We spent several hours going over different scenarios that I could possibly run into on the highway. She gave me some the the best driving advise with these scenarios that actually helped me save my life more than once.

I was driving along that day. I was still very slow which was fine because Chauncey Hollow was a deserted back country road back in those days. At one point a butterfly fluttered across the road in front of me and I actually swerved to miss it and almost ended up in the ditch! My mom told me never to swerve to miss anybody. The only thing worse than wrecking in WV is possibly going over the side of a mountain and no one finding you for days! She told me to especially not to swerve to miss a person or an animal or a bike. "DON'T KILL YOURSELF TO SAVE SOMEONE ELSE" she told me!

A few years later, on a blizzardy day, I followed her advise and it saved my Aunt Mary and I. A woman was sliding on the icy road in front of me and the only way I could miss her was to go over the side of the mountain and end up in the river below. I shut my eyes and held my ground. The last think I remembered seeing was the look of fear on that woman's face as we were headed to a certain head on collision.

God must have intervened. All I could think of for a few seconds was, "so where's the crash?"

When I opened my eyes the woman was no where to be seen and Mary and I were both in tears. We knew we had narrowly escaped death that day!


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