Sunday, October 9, 2011

How to Release your Holy Ghost

This is a game we used to play when we were kids. Is there a version of it where you grew up?

First of all the game is meant to inflict pain. Kind of like when you used to punch your brother in the leg and holler "CHARLEY HORSE!" Remember that one? Here is what you do to release your holy spirit.

Take a friend's hand and clasp your hand around their wrist - effectively shutting off the circulation is the goal. Then you SLAP their hand as hard as you can and they IMMEDIATELY close it into a fist. At which point you VIGOROUSLY massage their fist and each finger and generally create friction and pain all over their poor hand. All the while both of you are laughing deleriously at each other.

Then ask your friend, "ARE YOU READY TO SET FREE YOUR HOLY SPIRIT!", in your best fire and brimstone voice. When they say yes and open their hand to you, you have to simultaneously

1. let go of their wrist

2. pinch the palm of their hand and move your hand away in an upward motion while holding their holy spirit between your forefinger and thumb.

If you have successfully released their holy ghost then they will feel the spirit leave their hand.

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