Saturday, October 22, 2011

My Dog Turned into Frankenstein

When I had my greyhound pups I walked outside one day to find that one of them had turned into Frankenstein overnight! Her forehead was huge and overlapping her eyes just like the monster of lore.

I thought for sure she must have been running at 40 mph (or so) and ran directly into a tree. I put her on antibiotics and the swelling went down. As soon as I took her off of them the swelling came back so I put her on them again. Once again when I took her off of them the swelling came back, so this time I took her to the vet.

He started to laugh as soon as he saw her. He asked if she had been chewing any wood and as a matter of fact she had. She had really done a number on my steps and rails going up to my trailer. The vet told me that she had lodged a splinter in her gum. The only place the swelling had to go was behind her eye socket. He assurred me that with some minor surgery (dislodge the splinter and drill a hole from her eye socket to her mouth for drainage) that she would be fine in a matter of days.

And she was. It was one of the freakiest sights that I ever saw in my 13 years as a greyhound trainer.

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