Saturday, November 26, 2011

One Year I Had 7 Thanksgiving Dinners

I felt like a blood soaked tick the next day. I couldn't even move. I believe I would even describe myself as having a food hangover! I remember just laying face down on the table in the breakroom and going to sleep. I even fed a racer! Something I had never done in all my years in the dog business. That meant the dog was scratched (couldn't race for 10 days) and there was a $50 fine (fortunately my boss didn't make me pay it)

It was the first Thanksgiving after I left my husband and all the people who had helped me that year and my family wanted me to have Thanksgiving with them. So I did. I didn't skimp on not one meal. I did my morning work at the track and I had the rest of the day off. Here is where I ate 7 FULL Thanksgiving meals.

1. Mom's house

2. Dad's house

3. Granny Brennan's house

4. Granny Farley's house

5. Sis's house

6. Mike and Mitzie's house

7. Dave and Gail's house

After that year I learned to tell people "no".

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