Saturday, November 26, 2011

My 2011 Thanksgiving...

... was a good one.

I went and got Chinese on Wednesday. It was wonderful. I also bought my turkey but since it was too late to thaw for the holiday I talked Eddie into smoking it on Friday. Nothing in the world is better than smoked turkey!

On Thanksgiving Day a local charity delivered dinners to our building. I got 2 of them. It was very good. I had turkey, ham, dressing, potatoes and gravy, pumpkin pie and a roll. I even tasted some of that canned cranberry sauce for the first time in my life. It tasted like cranberry jelly. I think it would be good on toast.

I lulled around all day and watched tv. I picked up Eddie's turkey dinners for him since he was spending the day with family. Then I heard a knock at my neighbor's door. I realized it was the turkey dinner people trying to deliver her dinners to her. She had a stroke a few weeks ago and may not make it back to the building. So I went to tell them.

After I told them she wouldn't be home they started asking me about other people on my floor who were supposed to get dinners. I knew the guy next to me wouldn't be home. He goes home at the end of every month and won't be back until he gets his check on the third. Then they told me another resident wasn't home and she went back into the hospital the night before. So she wasn't there either. Then my neighbor, Billie, wasn't home either.

They asked me if I could give them their dinners. I told them I would try but if they didn't show up by Saturday I would give them to other's who I knew needed them. So I ended up with 10 Thanksgiving dinners. I put notes on everybody's doors telling them I had their dinners and how long I would keep them.

One neighbor (who I don't get along with) heard me knocking on doors and asked me for one of the dinners. I gave her one of the stroke victim's dinners, since I knew she wouldn't be home anyway. A couple of hours later a guy came for the dinners that belonged to the woman who went into the hospital the night before. That left me with 5 extra dinners.

Yesterday a woman asked me if I had her dinner. I told her no but I gave her 2 dinners that belonged to the guy next door. If Billie doesn't show up by this evening I will give her dinners away as well.

Eddie smoked my turkey yesterday. While he was smoking it we found out a woman on the third floor had died and they carried her out of the building. I didn't know her well because she smoked and I stay away from smokers. She was sweet and quiet though. I heard her brother is also in the hospital.

Makes you want to count your blessings, huh?

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