Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Post Thanksgiving Good Deed Alert

My aunt and uncle, Patty and Gerald, donated all their leftovers to the building. I fed 7 people including myself. They also gave me some venison to give away but I haven't got to it yet. While I was giving out food I learned about a man named Robert. I had thought he was a drunk but I was wrong. It turns out that he had broke his back and his hand and he has been recovering and was not able to take care of himself or to even cook for himself.

I will be funneling more food in his direction.

Also my Aunt Linda donated some clothes. They were very nice and disappeared from the table in the community room in a matter of hours.

Am I bad? I don't think so. I have discovered that the father of my ex nephew (such a strange way to refer to a child) is living in the building. He never lifted a finger to take care of the boy for his entire childhood and the child suffered untold horrors with a mother who wasn't able to take care of him. Although I did every thing I could for Dwayne it was not enough. But last year I ran into him and he thanked me for everything I did for him as a child. He told me I was the one person who showed him that things could be different and he said now that he was an adult that he really appreciated everything I did.

It made me feel wonderful. Now I see his drunken father begging for change and food and I can't bring myself to give him a morsel. In fact I am happy that he seems to be suffering as his child did so many years ago.

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