Sunday, November 27, 2011

Why I don't shop on Black Friday

I went to Walmart back in 2000 because I wanted a tv. I had sprained my ankle but even if I could have walked like a normal person I would not have participated in the riot that ensued as soon as they announced they were open at 5 a.m.

I was standing in a crowd of people near a huge pile of merchandise that was covered in paper because they wanted it to be a secret what was underneath it until the opening bell. As soon as they ripped off the paper at 5 o'clock a huge riot started. People started to run and scream and shove and push. It looked like one of those 50's tv shows where they show people fighting over a sale item.

I watched everyone run away and leave their empty buggies while they carried huge computers and tv's and VCR's. People were dropping them and dragging them. There would be no way those things could have worked when they got them home!

As I stood alone in the sea of buggies I looked over and "viola" there were the tv's I wanted. I made my way through the maze and when I got to the tv's I told the girl to put one in the buggy right in front of the display. She actually asked me if the buggy was mine. I told her "no, but I don't think anyone is actually using it." So she smiled and deposted a television in the buggy and then I had to start weaving my way through the morass to check out the tv.

I was fortunate because no one seemed to be interested in the tv's but me. Everyone was going for the computers and the DVD players. I purchased my tv and went to find Sis. She was in the lay-a-way line but she didn't have everything she had been looking for so I set off to find the few elusive toys she didn't have.

We went home. She loved it and has never missed a sale since. I have never gone back again and I won't!

This year the local news ran a story about a man from Chapmanville. I grew up about 5 miles from there. He was at the Black Friday sale at Target when he collapsed with a heart attack. Not only did shoppers ignore him but some of them actually stepped over him. An off duty nurse and paramedic tried to save him but they were too late. He died.

I wish people would get their heads out of their asses!

I also had a friend who works at Walmart. She had to miss Thanksgiving with her family so people could riot over the Walmart version of tupperware. Can you imagine? She said they were actually fist fighting over plastic secure lock containers....pulease!

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