Sunday, November 27, 2011

" You have to make your own holidays"

That was my advice to both my niece and my nephew at separate times in their lives. They grew up having everything done for them which is how it should be. Now they live far away and have their own holidays.

When I have asked each of them, at separate times, how their holiday's were, they both replied, "it sucked." They are young adults now and I told them at some point they had to start making their own holidays or they would always suck.

I hate it that they feel they have no family to spend the holidays with but their mom is dead and they are still feeling their way along. I wish I could help them but I can't. They both know they are welcome at my house anytime but I am too far out of the way for them to visit.

I hope they soon find the holidays that I know they crave and have enjoyed in the past. I'm sure they will start their own traditions and maybe my niece already has since she is a little older than he is.

My ex husband also tried to tell me his holiday sucked after I left him. I asked him why he didn't plan one out? I knew the answer. With the exception of a couple of years when I was hurt or sick, I had done all the work for our holidays. He also thought I would feel sorry for him and invite him over. I told him to go to a local church and eat one of their dinners or go help in a homeless shelter - then he would remember how blessed he was to have a job and work at something he loved.

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