Sunday, December 4, 2011

Mrs. Claus Strikes again!!!

I have blogged before about my resemblance to Mrs. Claus. Last night, not one but two different kids, recognized me for who I was. I was at work wearing one of my lovely pink claus outfits complete with a pink Santa hat. There was a little girl messing with our lifesized Santa and I decided to ask her if she was having fun. She turned to look at me and I saw the glitter in her eyes. Her smile brightened her whole face when she saw that she was indeed speaking to Mrs. Claus. I was getting ready to ask her if she wanted me to tell Santa anything when I got home but her mom came and hustled her off before we could continue our conversation. She just looked at me longingly as her mom dragged her off to another part of the store.

Then I was going in Krogers. I was tired and I hadn't bothered to remove my pink Santa hat. As soon as I got out of my truck a little boy pointed and laughed and said, "hello." I could see the glint of recognition in his eye as well. This time even his mom saw how happy he was and I wished him a Merry Christmas as they went on to their car. Once again he was looking at me more than where he was supposed to be going as they went to their car.

I think I'm going to keep count this year of all the kids who believe I'm Mrs. Claus. They are always around 5 years old and it is absolutely magical to talk to them.

In a completely unrelated story. I went out this morning to try to run some errands. This is pretty much unheard of for me to do on Sunday Morning because I am so tired after work usually. On my way home I saw the reason for me to go out when I could have easily put off what I was doing until I felt better. I was behind a bus. I decided to go around it (there is a 3rd. lane for this purpose). As I started around the bus I saw a little boy crossing the road with his dog. He must have lost it's leash because he was walking the dog like it was a wheelbarrow by holding both it's front legs. He was desperately trying to get the dog to cross the road and it was obvious that the dog didn't want to leave the dog park! As he pulled and cajoled I pulled off to the side of the road. I hollered and asked him if he wanted a leash for the dog. (I always have a spare) He gratefully accepted. I showed him how to loop the leash around the dog's neck since he had no collar. They then went safely home. I really don't think he was going to have much luck getting the dog home before I came along.

Then a lady in our building stopped me. She asked me if I had a VCR. I told her yes. She told me to stop by later and she is going to give me about 50 movies. Her player broke and she just wants them out of the house. Good luck for me!!

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