Sunday, May 20, 2012

10 Bad Things about West Virginia

1. Mountains - they tend to isolate people and the construction costs are tremendous for any undertaking

2. reputation - I get sick of all the hillbilly comments

3. Food - down home country cookin' that is fattening and unhealthy

4. The best jobs are working for the State for the average West Virginian.

5. Mountain Top Mining - It is far too destructive. People used to complain about strip mining - it is strip mining on steroids.

6. poverty - there are pockets of poverty in this state that surprise me when I run into them. Many people pretend they don't exist.

7. There are still people who don't have access to good drinking water - yet I see millions wasted to beautify the city of Charleston.

8. Roads - it takes forever to drive anywhere because of the twisting roads.

9. No Beachfront Property

10. Heck, I was hard pressed to think of 9. There aren't 10 bad things about West Virginia.

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