Saturday, May 12, 2012

PEOPLE OF LEE TERRACE - Art's encounter with a UFO

I had a wonderful conversation with Art last night. He happened to catch sight of some strange cloud formations and immediately started to investigate them. Once satisfied that they were nothing out of the ordinary he told me about his encounter with a UFO.

He had been drinking a twelve pack of beer and he went to the store to get a 6 pack of tallboys. He cracked on open as he left the store and placed it between his legs to drive home. When he got to his hollow he started towards home and turned his headlights out as was his usual habit. When he rounded the curve, lo and behold, right in the middle of the road, hovering between the trees was a fully lighted UFO.

He got out of his care, with his beer in his hand, walking toward the UFO, yelling "TAKE ME! TAKE ME!" That is the last thing he recalls.

He woke up in his driveway in front of his house. He said his engine was revving full speed and he was sitting there with the beer in his hands. He turned the car off and went in the house with the beer he had opened and the rest of the six pack.

He told his mom to feel the beer in his hand and then to feel the 6 pack. The beer that had been between his legs was COLDER than the 6 pack. Art says, "anybody knows that the beer that had been opened should have been warmer because it had been between his legs except for when he got out of the car to investigate the UFO.

He believes that the UFO must have deposited him in his driveway to allay suspicion that they were there. He says they learned that from that "dumb ass drunk in Alaska or somewhere that they left to wander naked in the woods until the police found him." He says they learned from that mistake.

He also says they always take drunks that are out in the boonies because nobody will believe them when they tell their story.

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