Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I will try to blog this but my oxygen is low. Probably why the charges got dismissed.

I went to court today. it was supposed to be the last time. Eddie went with me and it's a good thing because my oxygen dropped and he had to go to the truck to get it.

I was fine when I went to court but it is a super hot day and even though we parked as close as possible the walk took a lot out of me.

I was sitting in the very crowded court room and I started feeling woozy. I knew the problem When there are a lot of peple in a room it sucks all the air out (what it feels like to me)

I sit there a couple of minutes trying to figure out if I could make it without getting my o2. finally I knew i couldn't wait anymore

i got up and went past the policeman into the little room on the side and he wanted to know what i was doing. I told him I had to call my friend to bring my oxygen. but of course it turned out that Eddie's phone messed up and i couldn't reach him .

they don't allow anybody in court that isn't in the case so he was waiting outside for me. The policeman wanted to call an ambulance and I told hinm I would be fine if I sat in the room quietly.

the next thing I know they called my name and the charges were dismissed. they said the policeman wasn't there but I know I saw him when I went in the courtroom

anyway, it's over.
I am home and I am breathing and taking it easy for the night.

oh yeah, when I went downstairs Eddie was waithing and he went to the truck and got my oxygen and I sat quietly breathing for about 15 minutes and then we walked to truch and I breath3ed some meor and then we came home.

I have to rest

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