Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday 10

1. Getting tired of Words with Friends.

2. Hope the kitty has a happy home with Sam. I need an OLD, LAZY cat.

3. I need a shower.

4. Hope the Preacher is better today. He is going to have to cut back somewhere. He needs to listen to the "rest on the Sabbath" thing. Nobody can keep up the pace he keeps.

5. Batman shooter was a nut. I can think of plenty of ways to kill that many people with no gun though....and just as fast. (don't worry, I won't but I have always wondered why terrorists organize instead of just "doing" the job)

6. In a strange way I have peace in my life since my mom disowned me again. I am so used to it that it doesn't matter. She has never figured out that "disowning" and "disinheiriting" do not get her what she wants. All it gets her is alone.

7. I hope it isn't too hot today.

8. I am tired of thinking up 10 thoughts.

9. Should I swim...probably not. I finally realized that the skin problem I have every year is pool related.

10. Will I see Eddie? I wish he weren't on my mind so much. I think he wishes the same thing but we kind of can't help it.

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